About Event

The Biotechnological Potential of Microbiology in Portugal – Present and Future Challenges

The Portuguese territory has increased in the last years and now the ocean is more interesting than ever before.

Microbes are recognized to have different roles in the living days, for example in the production of proteins and antibiotics. The biotechnological potential of microbiology will be the focus of this event, specifically how we can potentiate our current capabilities to discover new tools.

This afternoon event/conference will cover the following themes: Portuguese Culture Collection, Government (related with territory – ocean), Enterprise, Patents, and Academia. The event will be a general informational style lecture followed by breakout sessions among participants.

This event will engage young scientists together with senior researchers, promote networking nationally and internationally, and advance ASM’s mission of knowledge sharing for the advancement of science and the benefit of the world.

When: December 12, 2015

Where: University of Évora, Portugal (Associated with Microbiotec’15)

Deadline for registration: December 3, 2015